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Set Your Work Apart Using Color and Texture

In today's highly competitive market it's important to ensure that your artistic creations stand out from the rest.

One way that I do so is by adding details to my clay and gum paste items through the use of texture and color. Keep in mind that adding details does take time, so you need to keep track of time and materials cost and determine what works for you and your target market. Take a look at a couple of my examples below--I hope this inspires you to give it a try!

Using a small amount of color to enhance a fondant decoration can make a huge difference in the appeal of the item. The plaque I made below used one fondant color (reducing potential material waste) and color dust to add details (less expensive and quick to do).

This is another example where I used texture and paint on my clay figures-these were hand modeled and textured using black clay, then painted by hand--note the details on my cake were noticed and mentioned in this article published by CakeWrecks website where they were featuring cakes made with the movie Dark Crystal Skeksis. Here's the link to the full article if you are interested:

Handmade keepsake cake topper clay figures on food-safe bases.

This is the entire cake, with the comments made in the article. Note the crystal was also a keepsake piece-handmade with a food-safe base as well. The cake was covered with fondant and details painted by hand using color dusts.

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